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A colossal Pit Bull, blessed with a large heart, remains in a shelter due to his size.

Ace is a giant pit bull weighing more than 100 lbs at the age of 2. Despite his size, the Ventura County Animal Services' workers attest to his gentle nature and his love for morning runs and long walks. Unfortunately, Ace had to be surrendered to the shelter by a family who were no longer able to take care of him due to a relative. But even this experience has not changed Ace's friendly, affectionate nature. From the moment he arrived, he has enjoyed scampering outdoors.

The personnel at the shelter are wishing Ace the best in finding a forever home; they know he is deserving of one. Jules Hooper of VCAS expressed admiration for Ace, noting that he is adorable and a great companion.

In the event that another mellow is present in the household, it would be highly beneficial to him, considering his fondness of playing with fellow pets. He is ready to be adopted. Should you be interested in bringing him into your family, you can find more information on the VCAS website.

Spread the word to your family and friends.


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