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A clingy dog was surrendered, but now she is getting the love she so rightly deserves.

This tale is about Jubilee, a delightful dog who just wanted to be by her owner's side at all times! We all know how much dogs can love someone, and Jubilee was no exception - she wanted to be with her owner wherever they went! Unfortunately, her owner had to return her to the Montgomery County Shelter in Texas.

When the dog was brought in, a woman noticed her and posted her story on the internet, and it quickly became a sensation. In less than 24 hours, she had found a new home.

The prior proprietor indicated that Jubilee's endearment wasn't the only motive for her departure, citing other factors such as nibbling on baseboards, cushions, and furniture.

Samantha Fewow, the adoptive parent of the pup, declared that the moment she laid eyes on her, she was smitten.

Jubilee is now living a wonderful life in her new permanent home with her doggy companion, Abby. Samantha is so devoted to her son and has done an amazing job with Jubilee, giving her the life she deserves.

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