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A clever canine was caught on camera taking a bus solo and disembarking at a pet food store.

It's no secret that dogs can pick up tricks that are taught to them by their owners with relative ease. Moreover, they are able to recognize objects they come across on a daily basis and can even learn them quickly. This story from Guayaquil, Ecuador, serves as a perfect example. A rather peculiar scene was captured by street surveillance cameras and shared on Twitter by Radio Pichincha. The video shows a pup exiting a bus that was parked on the side of the road, eliciting a surprised reaction from those around.

The driver had no problem taking the pup on the bus, which was quite surprising. But even more remarkable was that the dog knew exactly where it was going and was wagging its tail with excitement: a pet food store! The video of this incident quickly went viral and gained over 30k views, with people expressing admiration for the driver and applauding the dog's cleverness in navigating a bus. Check out the video for yourself below.

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