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A cleaning worker took her puppy along with her for her work day and dressed him in a matching uniform.

Hilda is quite the dedicated pet-parent, making sure Chato is always taken care of. To prove it, she even brought her pup to work one day and dressed him up in his own miniature cleaning uniform. It was a heartwarming scene to witness Hilda and her rescued puppy cleaning the city together. No matter what your profession, it's important to show love and care for your furry companion, and Hilda does just that.

Ruth Hernández, the witness to the cleaning worker and her pooch, captured the scene on video and posted it on TikTok to spread awareness about how to properly care for your canine companion. The video quickly became a sensation, garnering thousands of likes, views, and comments.

In the description of her post, Ruth mentioned that Hilda, the cleaning worker, adopted Chato off the streets of Cieneguilla in Lima, Peru. She's been taking the pup with her wherever she goes, even while she's on the job. How cute is that? Check out the video Ruth posted on TikTok below!

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