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A canine visitor went to the hospital for an incredibly moving purpose, prompting everyone to tear up.

Most people say goodbye to their dogs when they die. But in this particular situation, a caring hospital in California made an exception. They allowed a devoted pup to visit her owner. One day, Ryan awoke and went to work as usual.

Ryan Jessen initially believed he had a migraine, only to find out it was a cerebral hemorrhage. His faithful dog Mollie was at home anxiously awaiting his return, but his family didn't want her to have to spend the rest of her life pondering why Ryan never made it home that day.

Michelle Jessen shared, "The hospital was incredibly kind to us, granting us the opportunity to bring my brother's dog to 'say goodbye', so that she could comprehend why her beloved human wouldn't ever come back. If you had a chance to meet my brother, you'd understand how much he adored his pup."

Michelle made it clear that there is no need to worry about the future of the dog, as she is considered an integral part of our family.


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