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A beloved canine companion cuddled her human sibling tightly in order to assist him in drifting off to dreamland, and, by doing so, ended up saving his life.

For Daisy, a two-year-old Rottweiler puppy, the best part of her day is when she gets to snuggle up with her human brother all night long. Her mom, Brittany Troilo, says that since Daisy joined their family two years ago, their home has been filled with love. She also adds that Daisy is her son's faithful companion, always by his side through the night. During the day they can be found playing in the backyard, and when it's time for her son to sleep, Daisy waits for him on the stairs to begin their bedtime routine.

Once the bed was prepared, Daisy eagerly leapt into it, eagerly awaiting her brother to finish brushing his teeth. When they both settled in, Daisy tenderly embraced him and held him all night long. But one day, the boy had a medical emergency due to his type 1 diabetes. Immediately Daisy rushed to wake her mama up so she could tend to him.

Troilo recounted the heartwarming story of Daisy, who despite not having any medical training, stays up late at night to monitor her son's sugar levels. She does this with the help of a Dexcom, a piece of medical equipment, so that she can keep her son safe. It is truly one of the sweetest stories ever.

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